For Faculty & Staff

Info for the 2014/2015 School Year

Request New Titles:  What’s missing? Let me know what you think I should buy for the library collections. Before you request an item, please search the Library Catalog to see if we already own it! We also welcome publishers’ catalogs and your bibliographies. Please email me ( with your items. Remember to prioritize if you have many selections.

We have a four-user subscription to Netflex. Log in to: and use the following id/password to get in:

password: timecat

Kindles: If you would like to try out a Kindle, let me know. I can load it up with something you would like to read. Some people like to take a Kindle on long trips with students or over the summer break.

Our library is stretchy: Remember your library can  s t r e t c h  to accommodate your information needs. If you can’t find what you need in our library or databases, there are two ways I can complete instant purchases:

  • Buy a Kindle book (you need to borrow a library Kindle; I can’t send it to your personal Kindle.)
  • Add a book title to Ebrary our e-book database.

Each of these options takes about 10 minutes. Ask me! – Kathy Johnson (kjohnson@)

Library Instruction and Class Visits Please request services at least one week in advance for group or individual sessions. For general library instruction, contact Kathy Johnson at 206.676-6825 or, or come by in person to complete scheduling. if you are not sure how library instruction might benefit your students, let’s have a conversation and explore the possibilities. I can also double as a tech trainer for certain technologies and programs. And, know you can always send students to me for one-on-one consultations.

LibGuide Research Guides  I can create guides for just about any research project. Since you may not know what is possible here are a few examples:

LibGuides Authored by You or Your Students   If you would like to set up – or have me set up – a customized LibGuide for your class, let me know. Here is a Libguide authored by Melinda Mueller, one of our science teachers:

Physarum polycephalum

And the following guides were created by 9th Graders studying Renewable Resources:

Renewable Resources  (see all tabs)

AV Equipment: I have a small collection of AV equipment. E-mail me at kjohnson@.

I have probably forgotten something so check my monthly Library flyer for short and colorful doses of library training.

Past flyer examples


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