9th Graders Take On Content Curation

“Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme.”     –  Beth Kanter

This week our 9th Grade Scientists will begin curating resources on various topics of renewable energy. Curation is a valuable skill for the 21st Century because filtering knowledge is critical to building knowledge. Filtering involves evaluation and evaluation involves having a clear understanding of the purpose for the information. What is the purpose of presenting/curating  information on renewable resources?  This is the primary question to ask. Teachers help students to understand and refine the purpose of their work.

Diagram showing the process of content filtration

We already have more movies available than any one person can watch; more videos on YouTube; more blogs; more podcasts; more internet radio; more books; more software; more web apps; more games; more everything. It’s not like we’re starting from a point of scarcity here. And the flood of stuff is going to turn into a rampaging torrent as more people get online and more people get excited by their ability to participate and create.   – Suw Charman-Anderson

All of us need to learn to process and filter all of this information. Part of investigating a topic in today’s information ecology involves building on the people (or technologies) who have already done some filtering on a topic. In this sense filtering becomes social. We tend to trust the information we get from people we trust. That often involves people we deem experts, and particularly the experts whose values (purposes) align with our goals.


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