“What kinda’ guy turns down a two-hundred million dollar offer for his company?”

It’s Matt Mullenweg from Automattic, the original developer of the free open source WordPress software. It’s this kind of generosity that gave us the world wide web. Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the web was also convinced that his innovation needed to remain in the public domain. Although offered huge sums of money for his invention he remains a man of modest means and the world is infinitely richer for it.

I will be teaching two days of WordPress Development during Seattle Academy’s Spring Days, April 2nd & 3rd. I hope my participants and other interested persons will choose to view this YouTube video before the class to understand what an amazing gift that WordPress Matt has given to the world. Twenty-five million bloggers and site developers should thank him daily.


Kathy Johnson
Learn to set up a custom web page (blog, e-portfolio, forum or study group site) using Word-Press, a multifunctional website container. Choose a free theme with functions to fit your purpose, and customize the site with widgets, plug-ins, commenting functions and custom images. You can even manage your site from your cell phone, stream other blogs (or any RSS feed) and protect against spam. WordPress.com is totally free and is a good start for a beginner. WordPress.org sites are more flexible but these sites require self-hosting and domain registration and therefore, little extra money. I would only recommend this for advanced web users. To have a forum you must choose to host your own site.


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