The Just-In-Time Library


Our library has long had a student and faculty-centric acquisitions policy. In short, we buy the resources our users ask for. This represents the switch from a just-in-case collection to a just-in-time collection. Students who cannot find a book for their research topic can request to have the librarian order a title. We trust our students to buy what they need and we give them help evaluating their needs. One downfall however is that is takes too long for physical books to arrive.
Enter the library’s Kindle Project. Starting with 10 kindles, our procurement time has shrunk from days to minutes. This is the generation that has a “need for speed”. Students may check out kindles and order the titles of their choice. Here is a testament to the convenience from 11th grade student Rob Leet:
Originally when I saw the Kindle, I was a little intimidated by the device, because I have never seen one before, and did not know how to work the buttons. To my surprise, I tried it when I checked one out from our Seattle Academy library. I loved it. It is fun to use, easy to read, and is very customizable. For example, you can adjust the font size, lookup and define certain words that you don’t know, and quickly flip to pages and different sections of the book by looking up the page number or going to the table of contents.
The electronic ink is very cool, and it does not hurt the eyes to read. In sunlight, the Kindle is very easy to see. The best part is that it saves space and weight. It is light, easy to carry, and stores the weight of all the books you normally read into one simple tablet. The other advantage to the Kindle is that it saves money, in the long run. Although the Kindle has a high initial cost, it is worth getting in the long run because buying books in the Kindle store is much cheaper than getting books at bookstores, or getting hard copies of books. Most old books are free in the Kindle store, and many modern books are much cheaper than in normal stores. Unless you are a true believer in having a real physical book, I highly recommend checking out a Kindle from our SAAS Library and, I guarantee that you will like it.


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