Seattle Academy Library Basics

Request New Titles

What’s missing? Let me know what you think I should buy for the library collections. Before you request an item, please search the Library Catalog to see if we already own it! Please email me ( with your items.


Audio Visual Equipment

I have a number of pieces of equipment to lend including: microphones, kindles, flip cameras, 1 still camera, 1 projector. For the latest list search our library catalog for “AV Equipment”.

Library Instruction and Class Visits

Please request services at least one week in advance for group or individual sessions. For general library instruction, contact Kathy Johnson at 206.676-6825 or, or come by in person to complete scheduling. if you are not sure how library instruction might benefit your students, let’s have a conversation and explore the possibilities. I can also double as a tech trainer for certain technologies and programs.


Guides Authored by You

If you would like to set up – or have me set up – a customized “guide” for your class, let me know. Here is an example of what’s possible for a course Guide for Health 9


Our school has an institutional subscription to NoodleTools. See this page for details.


Copyright Guidelines

In the use of copyrighted works in a digital environment, instructors and/or institutions must reasonably…*

* Limit access to students currently enrolled in the class.
* Limit access only for the time needed to complete the class session or course.
* Inform instructors, students, and staff of copyright laws and policies.
* Prevent further copying or redistribution of copyrighted works.
* Not interfere with copy protection mechanisms.

Fair use chart (PDF file) from the Flaxman Library, Art Institute of Chicago


Personal Learning Environments

Everyone has a personal learning environment. They may not have identified it as such. It comprises the sum total of your social networks, personal and professional, how you find information on and off the web, including the tools, media and platforms you use to solve problems. Very few people have built out their personal learning environments to their fullest potential. (See diagram below of the networked student). I am interested in partnering with teachers who would be willing to explore the possibility of incorporating Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) in their curriculum and assignments.


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