Digital Thinking

Just as we get used to the idea of multiple new literacies – digital literacy is gaining traction – in comes the idea of digital thinking. Honestly, it never occurred to me to consider digital thinking. But when I found this description at the HASTAC site (Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory), I said “Yesss!, that’s it”.  We live in a global network when we choose to and there are many many considerations and decisions to be made in this environment.

What came together in that document might well be the definition of “digital thinking.” That is, you have to think simultaneously and in an integrated fashion not only content and form but also how everything you do connects to anyone and everyone since, potentially, anyone and everyone could be part of your network. That’s what open source is. That’s what digital thinking is.

So I leave you with this simple question: What does it mean to be a web-enabled thinker?


One thought on “Digital Thinking

  1. I think being web-enabled is something like being able to scuba or snorkel–which is to say…
    (a) You are moving in a 3-dimensional (at least!) world, which has various layers/depths, each with its own (but fluid) “ecology” and “inhabitants.” You have to be able to move back and forth among these layers, according to what you want to “see.”
    (b) It’s not the usual medium we have traveled in when we’re outside the web-world. You have to learn to breathe in there, and the means of moving around, communicating, etc. are specific to the web-world, just as moving around and communicating underwater are specific to that medium

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