7th Graders create history e-books

Kate Kinney’s seventh grade history classes, with the help of Vicki Butler, Academic Technologist, created these e-books on the History of US.

Chapters of US History researched and written by SAAS 7th Graders 2011

A Block (volume 1)

Tags: Hippies and the 60s, Little Rock Nine, The Cold War, Boeing, TV, WWII Navy, Navy Seals, Malcolm X        

A Block (volume 2)

Tags: Flapper, Starbucks, Hiroshima, Seattle World’s Fair, Rock and Roll, Muhammad Ali, Klondike Gold Rush, Jackie Robinson

B Block (volume 1)

Tags: The Scopes Trial, The 1960’s, Pearl Harbor, Rock and Roll, Regan and Gorbachev, Mercer Girls, Cuban Missile Crisis, Polio, Japanese Internment

B Block (volume 2)

Tags: The History of Boeing, Destruction of Atomic Bomb, Charles Lindbergh, The Vietnam War, Jackie Robinson, Stone Wall Riot, Georgia O’Keeffe, Fashion and History  1960, Martin Luther King J.,           

C Block (volume 1)

Tags: Malcolm X, Theodore Roosevelt, History of Prohibition, The Vietnam War, Hiroshima, Skateboarding, Operation Desert Storm, Hippies, Flower Power, Shirley Temple

C Block (volume 2)

Tags: Georgia O’Keeffe, Rock and Roll, History of Baseball, Michael Jordan, Al Capone Great Depression, Women’s Football, Life of Kurt Cobain,  WWII in the Pacific Front

D Block (volume 1)

Tags: Great Depression, George S. Patton, History of American Soccer, Greek Immigration, The Mercer Girls, Jimi Hendrix, History of the Atomic Bomb, The Wright Brothers, Jackie Robinson

D Block (volume 2)

Tags: Native American Lacrosse, Seattle World’s Fair, ”Hammering” Hank Aaron, The Silicon Transistor, Al Capone, The Cold War, Jacqueline Kennedy, The Korean War, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Turbulent Times: 1960s

E Block (volume 1)

Tags: Bonnie and Clyde, The Great Depression, Rock and Roll, American Home Front, Hippies and the 1960s, The Pig War, The Korean War, WWII: The Pacific, 1920’s Fashion

E Block (volume 2)

Tags: John Dillinger, Al Capone, Jackie Robinson, Jacqueline Kennedy, US Navy SEALs, American Fashion in the ‘60s, D-Day, The FBI, The First Gulf War


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