Egyptian Protests – The Importance of Information Technology Communications

As we follow the news on protests in Egypt we are reminded of how important our communication and information structures have become. YouTube is helping people to highlight and share information about Egypt in a number of ways. You can see their official blog post here describing their efforts. Lest we forget what is at stake I would like to offer this quote by Yochai Benkler from the first paragraph of his book entitled  The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom:

“Information, knowledge, and culture are central to human freedom and human development. How they are produced and exchanged in our society critically affects the way we see the state of the world as it is and might be; who decides these questions; and how we, as societies and polities, come to understand what can and ought to be done. For more than 150 years, modern complex democracies have depended on large measure on an industrial information economy for these basic functions. In the past decade and a half, we have begun to see a radical change in the organization of information production. […] It seems passé today to speak of “the Internet Revolution.”  […] But it should not be. The change brought about by the networked information environment is deep. It is structural. It goes to the foundations of how liberal markets and liberal democracies have co-evolved for almost two centuries.”


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