Project-Based Learning

Seattle Academy teachers are skilled at creating project-based learning environments. As a perfect example, this week our 10th Grade students have been presenting their Salon Projects. Each student is assigned one of the great thinkers of the enlightenment period and becomes an expert on his thinker’s life and ideas in order participate on a panel and discuss their philosophies with other thinkers.  As part of the panel students are  tasked with finding appropriate attire for the occasion.  Rather than just memorizing facts about an enlightenment personality the students must “perform” as that person. This involves higher order thinking and the ability to think and communicate quickly in the moment. This is a great example of problem-based learning as explained in the video below.

The Buck Institute for Education commissioned the cutting-edge advertising agency, Common Craft, to create a short animated video that explains in clear language the essential elements of Project Based Learning (PBL).  This simple video makes the essential elements of PBL come alive and brings to light the 21st Century skills and competencies (collaboration, communication, critical thinking) that will enable K-12 students to be college and work-ready as well as effective members of their communities.


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