New Materials – September 2010

The True Story of Charlie Wilson
The Land of the Pharaohs [Ancient Civilizations]
The Fall
Ten Trillion and Counting
Temple Grandin: Autism Gave Her a Vision; She Gave It a Voice
My Lai: One of the Vietnam War’s Darkest Chapters
Mumbai Massacre
American Feud: A History of Conservatives and Liberals
kids + money

Mind Over Money: How Human Psychology and Finance Interact
Thin: If it Takes Dying To Get There, So Be It
Ancient Greece [Ancient Civilizations for Children]
Ancient Aegean [Ancient Civilizations for Children]
Ice Mummies: Return of the Iceman
Mummies Unwrapped
Caryl Phillips [Lannan Literary Videos – #44]
Seamus Heaney [Lannan Literary Videos] # 27]
Indians of the Eastern Woodlands

On Sigmund Freud’s Dreams
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis
The Interpretation of Dreams Totem and Taboo
Freud: a Portrayal of the Great Psychoanalyst
I’m Not Crazy: A Workbook for Teens with Depression and Bipolar Disorder

July’s People / Gordimer, Nadine
Selected Letters / Dickinson, Emily
European Poems & Transitions: Over All the Obscene Boundaries
To Stir the Heart

Traditional Marriages in Zambia: a Study in Cultural History
The Middle Ages
Uppity Women of Ancient Times
Jefferson the Virginian
Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages
Women in the Middle Ages
Colombia : a Country Study
Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life
Britannia, the Roman Conquest and Occupation of Britain

Social Issues / Government / Religion
The Clash of Orthodoxies: Law, Religion, and Morality in Crisis
Quarrels That Have Shaped the Constitution
Is Childhood Becoming Too Sexualized?
Global Trends 2025
Religion 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know
Supreme Court Debates (magazine)
Congressional Digest (magazine)
International Debates (magazine)
Girl Culture

Environment (by Peter Raven)
Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future
A Brief History of the Mind: From Apes to Intellect and Beyond
Understanding the Brain
Learning and Memory: the Brain in Action
The Brain: a User’s Manual

Applied Science / Business
The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion
The Myths of Innovation
Surfing the Edge of Chaos: the Laws of Nature and the New Laws of Business

Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents
The Male and Female Figure in Motion

The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach
My Stroke of Insight: a Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey
We’re Born to Learn: Using the Brain’s Natural Learning Process to Create Today’s Curriculum
Unschooling Rules: 50 Perspectives and Insights from Observing Homeschoolers and Unschoolers
Mind, Brain, and Education
Brain-based Teaching with Adolescent Learning in Mind
Connecting Teachers, Students, and Standards: Strategies for Success in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms
Theory and Practice of Online Learning

Audio/Visual Equipment
FlipShare TV
Flip Ultra Camera (3)

Online Resources
WorldCat Genres
DASH Repository Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard
University of Michigan Library: Digital Collections
Education Resource Information Center [ERIC]


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