Back on the Speaker’s Circuit

Diigo – Your Outboard Brain

IL Speaker

The tools we use amplify our abilities and extend our memories. As one of the best web-based tools for organizing, highlighting, and sharing information, Diigo deserves to be considered as a cornerstone of everyone’s personal learning network. In this session, Kathy Johnson will demonstrate its features and functions and show how you can customize the tool to fit your specific needs and learning styles. Additionally, using the educators desktop, she’ll show you how to set up collaborative learning environments for your students and enhance their abilities to keep all their information organized.


I will be speaking at Internet@Schools, a companion conference to the Internet Librarian Conference usually held on the west coast every October. Recently it has been held in beautiful Monterey, CA. As you can see by the presentation description above I will be discussing Diigo v.5, a social bookmarking/research tool and and it’s impact on our learning and our learning networks. Teachers: plan ahead as I will not be able to help students with research project from October 24-28th.


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