How Significant is Twitter?

Twitter is significant enough to be archived in the Library of Congress, as NPR reported yesterday. That causes me question how one could sort through all this information in any kind of meaningful way. Someone will find a way.

Also that means my few Twitters are archived as well. This will be the second time I had have my content archived in the Library of Congress. The first time was for more meaningful content that took much more time to create: original recordings of the music of Burkina Faso (analog versions) now stored in the Archive of Folksong.

This is also very interesting to me because I have long wondered when exactly does “communication” become information? Well, I guess in this case at least, now we know! And, why is that so? Is it because now additional data mining is possible? So many questions, so little time.

Read more here:

Click on the image to go to the LOC blog.


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