How Does a Library Transition to the Digital Age…

. . . very slowly, in fact, imperceptibly.  Behind the scenes, I work to make this happen every day.  In the last four years I have slowly been replacing our video collection with DVDs.  Our library catalog now includes major online resources as well as free e-books and other streaming media complete with an instant link to the source.

In fact, instant is the word of the hour when discussing library services that cater to our wired students. This leads me consider a new sign for our library. It might look something like this:

With this new motto firmly in mind I am investigating the instant capability of the Amazon kindle to deliver books in minutes.  We now have two readers and teachers are slowly getting acquainted with how they might use them in their curriculums.

Our library also supports multi-media curriculum by providing various types of AV equipment.  This category of library resources include microphones, video recorders, digital cameras, speakers, and webcams.  In fact, you can link to the catalog and search for “AV Equipment” to see the full list.

Library Guide pages list resources for multi-media productions including lists of places to obtain copyright-free materials.  Two examples of guide pages are here:

Podcasting Resources


And there’s more to explore but I’ll leave this for another post. This was a brief run-down of how our Seattle Academy library is transitioning to the digital age. It’s been exciting and fun to be involved in this phase of education evolution.

Next episode: How to search the library catalog using your mobile phone.


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