Diigo in the Hood

Last Saturday I rolled out of bed at a leisurely 8:45 a.m. …   jumped onto the computer and into a live presentation on Diigo with colleagues from all over the country. It turned out to be the best thing I’ve done all year.  Everyone bookmarks their favorite sites right?  If you are a fan of Del.ic.ious (currently the most prominent social bookmarking tool) then you will love Diigo.  I know, another cutsie Web 2.0 name – but don’t let the name fool you.  There is power under the Diigo hood and power in the Diigo Hood.


Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff    (link to site)

Here are some of the features that make it so compelling. You can:

  • bookmark items into categories (download the toolbar)
  • highlight important information (first time I’ve seen this really work)
  • see a list of your sites annotated with your highlights
  • see the original site even if the live site goes away (your site is archived)
  • can customize your own keywords for sites (tags)
  • share and collaborate in groups
  • make lists of links on any topics and share lists
  • can “follow” people just like you can on Twitter
  • can have Diigo bookmarks automatically populate your del.iou.us account

Right now I am most enjoying the highlighting feature.  Students – you can set up a research paper  “List”,  gather internet sites, highlight them, and access them from any computer. It’s all in one place, highlighted and secure.  Well, as you can probably tell, I can’t say enough about it.  Email me if you’d like a list of Diigo tutorials. You can be up and running in five minutes.


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