Can I Just Live in the Future for a Few Moments?

Read all about it in the January 2009 SAASWatch, the official Seattle Academy, all digital, completely cool newsletter.

A short article on page 7 explains our new library catalog service:

LibraryWorld Mobile is the next generation of library services designed to allow you the freedom to search our SAAS library from your own mobile phone. This service has been designed specifically for phones such as the iPhone from Apple and Blackberry Bold from RIM. To search our library catalog, go to: and type in SAAS when asked for your library name.

Why would you want to do this? Our collection is increasingly linking to digital resources (web pages, streaming audio and video) and you will need your own device (computer, laptop or cell phone) to access these resources.

To search the catalog using a computer or laptop, use this link: Library Catalog.

This may seem like a minor enhancement but it will prove to be revolutionary as the Library adds more digital content.  No more searching for that physical item on the shelves.  No more groaning when the item turns up missing. No more chasing down the last person who checked it out.  Just click and you’ll be there.  Can I just live in the future for a few moments? Please? I think you’re starting to get the picture.


2 thoughts on “Can I Just Live in the Future for a Few Moments?

  1. Each opportunity for people to access information with ease keeps us all moving forward! Imagine an email inbox without those headings…..Has anyone seen….

    Remember the first ‘open concept schools’? Extended day schools? Year long schools? Now all of those ideas are no longer boundaried by ‘school’ – it is all everyday learning – no limits!

  2. Hey Vicki!

    Great comment. That wasn’t just a paradigm shift you described — that was a total and complete paradigm annihilation! We can always count on you for this!

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