Welcome to the 2008/09 School Year !

I hope everyone had a great summer. As I write this, the Upper School is just now returning from their retreats and I hear that it went well. The Middle School is looking forward to their retreats next week. The sun is still shining and we plan to have a very productive fall.

I will take this opportunity to give you a short library orientation. REMEMBER if you cannot read this now, this post resides permanently here in the library blog. [https://saaslibrary.wordpress.com]

The library has three collections:

  1. Vanderbilt
  2. Middle School (MS – Megan’s Room)
  3. Arts Center (AC – Rebekah’s Room)

The SAAS Library Blog is here and please notice the categories of information that you may review anytime: www.saaslibrary.wordpress.com

The SAAS Library Catalog is here so add it to your favorites:


You can also reach the library catalog and other features by going to iSAAS here: http://isaas.seattleacademy.org/library

Library Moodle Site


You should already be enrolled in the Library Moodle site. If you do not see the Library Moodle site in your list of courses, enroll yourself. If it doesn’t work write me here:



Lists of our Vanderbilt and Middle School Videos/DVDs are posted on the Library Moodle site. We also subscribe to United Streaming a database of educational streaming videos available anytime/anywhere as long as you have the correct id and password. Next year we may start streaming some of our library video collection. Teachers can make requests for titles to be streamed.

Bar Code Check Out for Vanderbilt

Checking out items from the Vanderbilt collection requires you to know your unique ID number included on your SAAS ID card. Your ID will include the letters “SA” plus three or four numbers: “SAxxxx”. If you were here last year you will keep the exact same ID number. Ask for help the first time you check out items in the Vanderbilt library. The Art Library and the Middle School library books have cards. Sign the card and leave it in the box before you take your book(s).

Library Databases

The library subscribes to a number of high-quality databases and these are listed in the Library moodle site. Paper copies of this list are available in the library. When using databases at home it is necessary to log in with a standard ID and password. Only a few databases required passwords at school.

Instant Help during the day:

If you need help — and your teacher approves it — you can reach me via the chat function on the library moodle page or on AIM. My screen name is SAASLib. I will try to help anyone with questions that can be answered over chat. You may also email me at kjohnson@seattleacademy.org. By special request I will also make myself available in the evenings during specified times. This service must be scheduled by your teacher.


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