Students! Throw away your pens.

Jott is here … and it’s FREE.

Jott Logo

Have you ever found yourself at the library, really large book in hand, staring at the perfect quote for your research paper? You can now dictate that quote or bibliographic entry right into your cell phone and it will be sent to your e-mail as text.

This is only one of many uses for Jott, a new web service created right here in Seattle.

How does it work? You call Jott (it’s in your speed dial), and it says “Who do you want to Jott.” You say a name contained in your Jott online contacts list, the phone beeps, and you have 30 seconds to say something s l o w l y and clearly. Your words are converted into text and sent to the e-mail address associated with that contact. Jott your friends, Jott your “To Do” list, Jott your appointments, Jott your blog: are you getting the idea?

In the post below I dictated a message through my cell phone and it was automatically transcribed and posted to this WordPress blog. Note the option to hear the streaming audio.

How cool could this be if Jott eventually supports MySpace or Facebook? I only say this because I have watched my own teens use MySpace blogs.


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