New Library Materials – September 2007

Videos, DVDs — Feature Films


Blade Runner

Breaking Free

World War II When Lions Roared (Michael Caine, John Lithgow, Bob Hoskins)

Other Videos/DVDs

Sanford Meisner Master Class (Acting Lessons)

Living Longer Science Helps Eradicate Mass Diseases

History of the 20th Century Vol. I 1900-1909

God Grew Tired of Us (Lost Boys of Sudan)

Who Killed the Electric Car? A Lack of Consumer Confidence or Conspiracy?

China From the Inside

Volcano! National Geographic Video

Mystery of the Megavolcano

America at a Crossroads: Gangs of Iraq

Hiroshima Why the Bomb Was Dropped w/Peter Jennings

America at a Crossroads: Security Versus Liberty, The Other War

Summer of Love (The Sixties)

The Blood of My Brother (Iraq)

Afghanistan: The Other War

America at a Crossroads: The Brotherhood


AV Equipment

Canon ZR500 Camcorder MiniDV

FlipVideo (holds 1 hour)

Flip Video Ultra (4 – MS Lab)

MicroTrack 24/96 Portable Audio Recorder

FinePix A360 Digital Camera (w short video capability)



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows



Japanese Design Motifs



The QuickStudy for Algebra

Stryker-Post The World Today Series

East, Southeast Asia, and the Western Pacific, 2007

Latin America, 2007

The Middle East and South Asia, 2007

Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe, 2007

Africa, 2007

Canada 2007

Western Europe 2007

The United States 2007

Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, 2007


Social Issues

The First Amendment in Schools

Nicotine and Tobacco A

Yes, Your Teen is Crazy

Prisoners’ Rights Point Counterpoint

Catalog of Tomorrow Trends Shaping Your Future

The Assault on Reason (Al Gore)



Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century

Educational Standards Point Counterpoint

The Intellectual Devotional: Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education, and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class

The Courage to Teach : Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life (Parker Palmer)

An Incomplete Education

The Book of Virtues : a Treasury of Great Moral Stories

Thinking in the future tense : leadership skills for a new age

Twenty steps to wisdom



Holy Warriors A Journey into the Heart of Indian Fundamentalism

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Culture Smart! Britain A Quick Guide to Customs & Etiquette


Science / Applied Technology

Low Carbon Diet – A 30-Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds


The Darwin Awards : Evolution in Action

The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: a Fable for Managers (and their employees)

Spinning the Semantic Web

A Field Guide to Bacteria


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