SAAS Library Orientation

The library has three collections:

  1. Vanderbilt
  2. Middle School
  3. Arts Center (AC – Rebekah’s Room)

The SAAS Library Blog:

The SAAS Library Catalog:

Sorry this isn’t a very friendly url but the vendor won’t change it. I will try to post this link in various places. You can always find it on the Library Moodle page.


Lists of our Vanderbilt and Middle School Videos/DVDs are posted on the Library Moodle site. We also subscribe to United Streaming a database of educational streaming videos available anytime/anywhere.

Bar Code Check Out for Vanderbilt

Checking out items from the Vanderbilt collection requires you to know your unique ID number included on your SAAS ID card. Your ID will include the letters “SA” plus three or four numbers: “SAxxx”. If you were here last year you will keep the exact same ID number. Ask for help the first time you check out items in the Vanderbilt library.

Library Databases

The library subscribes to a number of high-quality databases and these are listed in the Library Moodle site and in the LibGuides. Paper copies of this list are available in the library. When using databases at home it is necessary to log in with a standard ID and password.

Library Moodle Site

You should already be enrolled in the Library Moodle site. If you do not see the Library Moodle site enroll yourself. If it doesn’t work write me here:

I will try to help anyone on chat during the day. There is a chat launch feature on the Library Moodle page on LibGuides. I can be reached at AIM at “SAASLib”. I will try to help anyone with questions that can be answered over chat.


One thought on “SAAS Library Orientation

  1. I am a K-8 school librarian building my library moodle page. What kinds of things did you include on yours? It seems like many of the teachers are going to include research links on their own Moodle pages now.

    Thanks for you time. Is there any chance I could see your library moodle page? It is hard to find them on the www. since most are password protected!

    Thanks. Traci Cope

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