New AV Equipment for Check Out

Teachers: please email me your request:

Flip Video (5)

Product info

Online Manual

Great for quick video projects, this camera is lightweight, uploads to laptop through usb, and shares easily over the internet. Some free internet hosting sites allow private and/or selective access. Software for editing comes with the camera and can be accessed when the camera is connected to a PC. Resolution is not as good as a typical camcorder but that is the tradeoff for convenience, portability and web-sharing. Videos look pretty good when viewed through a browser. Sound is adequate. Holds 1 hour of video and runs on 2 AA batteries.

MiniDV Canon ZR500 Camcorder (1)

Product info

Great for quick video projects: camera is lightweight, uploads to laptop through an external firewire card and cable that you need to borrow from Nick in Tech. You must be knowledgeable with MovieMaker on the PC in order to edit. Please request this camcorder at least 24 hours in advance as the battery should be charged just before use.

MicroTrack 24/96 portable audio/music recorder (1)

Product info

Online Manual

This recorder is a bit bigger than a deck of card and is perfect for podcasting, recording classes, music or presentations. It records at extremely high fidelity and creates .wav or .mp3 files that can be quickly uploaded to a computer via USB. This recorder takes input from 1/8”, ¼” or S/PDIF. The small portable microphone plugs into the 1/8” plug. Has an internal battery that should be run completely down before recharging. Battery should last at least two hours.


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